M0SWV getting back on the air



11/23/20231 min read

With my station of air at home, the accessible SOTA summit of Garway Hill is always available. And always a surprise at what can be achieved with minimal kit.

No antenna at home QTH must be resolved.

Building work and home improvements require all antenna to be removed for a period.

Installation is always a compromise, with power lines and ADSL overhead surrounding the site. Though, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Sub-optimal is the best I can hope for. I have an 80m Delta Loop and a Multi Band Long Wire. Everything is a compromise, height AGL and direction is set for me.

Previous installations worked very well, though much has changed locally despite our rural location. Our recent solar installation is an unknown. Neighbouring properties increasing use of interior and exterior LEDs is something I have noticed happening but not yet witnessed on the bands. I am not a superstitious person, but I find myself wanting to cross my fingers or touch wood.