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Amateur Radio from the Golden Valley

South Herefordshire and the Black Mountains


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Brief Bio.


Licenced since November 2016 and active member of 

Hereford Amateur Radio Society.

I enjoy all aspects of amateur radio.  Though my time at the mic is limited by an impairment which creeps up and can stop me mid flow.  So if I have cut a QSO short please accept my apologies.  Subsequently I never score highly in a contest or manage more than four or five contacts when I call CQ. 

APRS is also of interest and I am the keeper of MB7UBM.  Hopefully I can marry this with my growing weather station and it can beacon conditions too.

Am joined by my family in the hobby now. My wife and boys now with their Foundation Licences.  M7OLO, M6NLQ and M7XEL.  With Kirsty M7OLO getting into the hobby chasing local SOTA activations.  They took their Foundation to keep me happy & are becoming slowly more active on the bands.

Recent Activity & Current Conditions

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General Information

Station Details:

Yaesu Ft991

Sigma eruo-comm Delta HP-80

UK Antennas EF

Diamond X30


Yaesu FTM-400XD

Yaesu FT1D


WX3in1 Mini from Microsat

Baofeng BF-UVB2 - Plus

Slim Jim

Current Goings On & Side Projects

Sales & Savings

Not a clearout as such, but managed to sell my trusty FT-7900.  A big thank you to all at Ham Radio Deals.

This was my first new purchase following passing my foundation.  A good radio but I am looking for an FT-817 or FT-818 for /P work or holidays.  Assuming we can all think about these things soon, post lockdown.

WSPR - DEC 2020 - ongoing

Banging up against my knowledge wall.  I can not get TX to work.  Would be nice to have a friend pop in and show me what I am doing wrong, but 2020.

Further investigation and head scratching required.

Website - December 2020

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